A tribute to Marie Stuart

Mary Stuart, a fascinating and mysterious historical figure, is one of the most astonishing characters from the Renaissance. An extraordinary woman, considered by her contemporaries as the greatest beauty in Europe, she is the very incarnation of woman in all her complexity and singularity.

A woman of many facets

She was Queen of Scotland and Queen of France, wife to Francis II and the rival of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The story of this monarch, her passionate and glamorous personality, her weaknesses and grandeurs, has always inspired artists, writers and poets of every age.


She was very fond of the Champagne region where she stayed with her aunt Renata of Lorraine, at the time Abbess of Saint-Pierre-les-Dames Abbey in Reims. There she won the hearts of the local population. A street in Reims was renamed in her honour (one of its buildings is currently home to the Union of Champagne Houses).

Sparkling, noble and charming, Mary Stuart’s personality is everything that makes champagne magical. A queen of a hundred faces, a woman of many facets.

The Champagne House



Established in Reims in 1867, La Maison de Champagne Marie Stuart belongs to the prestigious world of grand champagne houses. Its story began in 1867 in the heart of Reims, but its recent development dates back to the 1960s when it moved to 8, Place de la République.

Today on Rue des Moissons, it is recognised for its elegant and refreshing champagnes. With vines in the three major Champagne regions of the Montagne de Reims, the Marne Valley and the Côte des Blancs, the grapes are carefully selected from the best crus.


Cellar Manager : Isabelle Mary

Isabelle Mary, oenologist and Cellar Manager, gives the House’s champagnes all their meaning.


Singularity, feminity et subtlety

She is familiar with the particular story that connects champagne and women.

Originally from the Saint-Thierry uplands, she joined the winery in 2005 where she has continued to care for, create and blend champagnes in her own image: singular, feminine and subtle.



The Champagnes

  • Cuvée de la Reine


This delicious aperitif champagne is characterised by elegance, balance and aromatic depth.

A blend of the best grapes from the Marne Valley and the Sézannais, this wine boasts a brilliant pale gold colour. The bouquet is delightfully seductive. The palate, full and fruity, reveals delicate notes of sweet white fruits. The finish has a slight mineral edge.

Dosage : 8gr /L

Food pairings: The Cuvée de la Reine Brut is ideal as an aperitif or served with white meat or sashimi.

Pinot Meunier 50%
Pinot Noir 40%
Chardonnay 10%
  • Cuvée de la Reine

    Brut Rosé

This wine is in the image of Mary Stuart: subtle and seductive. The blended rosé is made with grapes grown in the Marne Valley and the Côte des Blancs. The freshness, fruitiness and delicious fragrances reveal a truly elegant champagne.

This wine stands out with its delicate, soft colour.

The bouquet reveals aromas of forest fruits and tangy sweets.

On the palate, a sound structure offers a few violet notes and a delicious finish.

Dosage: 8gr / L
7% AOC Champagne red wine

Food pairings: The perfect partner for marinated prawn skewers or a fruit tart.

Pinot Meunier 40%
Pinot Noir 20%
Chardonnay 30%
  • Cuvée de la Reine

    Brut Premier Cru

In the image of Mary Stuart: refined and intense. This unique blend of the premier cru terroirs (Cumière, Taissy, Vertus and Chigny) creates a champagne for special occasions. It is bright in colour and the bouquet reveals surprising notes of pastries when swirled.

Flavours of yellow fruit (mirabelle plums, nectarines) and a lovely balance offer a long and refreshing finish.

Dosage 8gr / L

Food Pairings: This premier cru would be the ideal partner for roast lobster or fish served with a sauce.

Pinot Meunier 25%
Pinot Noir 60%
Chardonnay 15%
  • Passion d’une Reine


Passion d’une Reine is a wine in the image of Mary Stuart: unique and complex.

Made from Grand Cru and Premier Cru grapes from the Marne Valley and the Montagne de Reims, it is a pretty golden colour. The bouquet releases aromas of citrus and vanilla.

On the palate it is full and elegant, combining intense flavours of fruit (grapefruit, quince) and orange blossom.

Dosage 10gr /L

Food pairings: It is the perfect partner for your aperitifs as well as your delicate meat dishes (pork tenderloin, for example).

Pinot Meunier 50%
Pinot Noir 20%
Chardonnay 30%
  • Passion d’une Reine

    Brut Rosé

This wine is in the image of Mary Stuart: daring and romantic.

Made from grapes grown in the Marne Valley and the Montagne de Reims, this champagne stands out with its delicately pink hue.

The bouquet has intense aromas of summer berries (blackberries, blackcurrants, cherries).

The palate boasts rich, smooth and delicious notes.

Dosage : 8gr /L
11% AOC Champagne red wine

Food pairings: This wine is perfect for your pre-dinner drinks and parties. It will also go very well with a summer berry pavlova.

Pinot Meunier 40%
Pinot Noir 20%
Chardonnay 40%

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